In the 18th century the potters of Saurashtra and Gujarat fleeing the drought and famine of the region, migrated to South Mumbai. They then moved to Dharavi and settled in what came to be known as Kumbharwada (potter settlement). Today, more than 1000 potters belonging to the 4th generation of Kumbharwada potters are working and producing beautiful pottery in Dharavi.

Many of the potters now use the electric wheel though few still manage with the manual one to create their beautiful products. Water pots are created by tapping and enlarging a small thick pot with a bat.

Production places : Mumbai City, Dharavi

Products:  Diyas - small lamps, Vases, Containers, Pots, Planters, Statues, Figurines, Coin Boxes, Maatla - traditional pot used during Navratri, Water pots, Shallow dishes, Plates, Lamp containers.

Tools: Wheel, Stone dies, Stone tappers, Wooden battens