Gold and Silver ornaments are strung together with beads and other precious stones in variety of yarns by jewellery stringers knowns as Patua. The art of jewellery stringing or Patua Kaam involves making necklaces, pendants, waistbands, bracelets and tassels of various ornaments, pearls, stones etc on a cord or wire which could be twisted, braided, plaited, wrapped or knotted to given a special effect to the jewellery.

Patuas use very simple tools and are usually seen sitting in front of their shops selling their craft.

Production places : Mumbai City, Jhaveri Bazaar, Dharavi

Products:  Pyjama cords, Waist belts, Loops, Round yarn buttons, Animal Ornaments, Knotted strings, Beads or metal units, Braid ornaments, Tassels, Pompoms

Tools: Metal ornament cleaner, Gold plater, Natai - drum, Charkhi - wooden reel, Iron hook, Kaatar - scissor, Knife, Large needle